To achieve holistic health through integrative and preventive approach by blending the best of both Yoga and Ayurveda.


About Shakti Devi

Shakti Devi (Vita) is owner of SHAKTI DEVI YOGA & AYURVEDA ACADEMY AND CLINIC, International Master Yoga Teacher, Experienced 500 HR Tantra Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Continuing Education provider, Reiki healer, Certified Sound Healer, Workshop facilitator.


Vita is renowned for her depth of study of Vedic Scriptures and Sanskrit Language, her ability to present the complexities of ancient wisdom in a practical, life-affirming manner, as well as her unique capacity to distill the teachings with humor and grace.


Vita opened the Yoga Academy and Ayurvedic clinic connecting the ancient knowledge with inner wisdom, helping her students and clients to live happy, healthy lives.


Vita has studied in India and is trained in arts of Yoga and Ayurveda by many world wide known Indian Yogis and Gurus - Babaji Satyanarayana Das, Yogi Vishnu, Bhakti Swarupa Chaitanya Swami, (Ayurveda Vaidya) Dr. Ashlesha Raut  

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