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This is a specialized one-on-one or in small group setting mentoring program designed for yoga instructors. It is an opportunity for instructors to expand their personal and teaching skills while deepening their knowledge of the yoga philosophy, history, and practice. The mentorship is uniquely tailored to support your educational development and personal interests. The program is open to 200-hr and 500-hr certified yoga teachers. Over the course of 4 months, you will be guided through an in-depth study of personal development and refinement. Based on your needs, topics may include: 1. Connecting with the ancient tradition that yoga is/was meant to be 2. Understanding the lineages and paths of yoga 3. Finding your authentic calling 4. Understanding the role of Sanskrit in yoga 5. Understanding Vedic Yoga 6. Understanding Tantra and Agamas There are also weekly reflections and homework assignments between each session.

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