To be truly FREE, surrender

The idea that freedom comes from accepting what is, is a hard concept to reconcile, because in our minds, freedom is the opposite of being bound in any way; it means choice, agency, and having the capacity to do and have what we want, which all seems to be the opposite of simply accepting what is.

But as I have dealt more and more with this thing called life, I have realized the more I fight against it, the more stressed and unhappy I become. It is like trying to swim against a current; when caught in a strong undercurrent the trick is to give in to it, swim with it, feel where it is taking you until you can swim at an angle out of it. Swimming against it will leave you exhausted and gasping for air.

When I gave up everything I owned, my business and real estate, I felt like 'OK.... now what?'

And that question was the answer. Now - whatever comes my way.

My daily mantra: Do all you can, with what you have been given, in the place that you are, with the time that you have.

That is the way of surrender. That is the way of freedom.

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